AUSCHWITZ III (Monowitz), (totally destroyed)

Camps were operating from May 20th, 1940 till January 27th, 1945

at first concentration camps then extermination camps

Friday, March 27th, 1942

The convoy #1 leaves Drancy station.


This train has been specifically chartered by the French National Railway (SNCF).

It has been billed to the SS as a ”holiday departure”.


They have been taken with their families and friends.

The trip lasts 3 days.

They are standing, huddled without any food or hygiene.

The heat and smell are intolerable.

At Brzezinka (Birkenau), they are forced

to walk towards the ”Judenrampe”.


The survivors are set apart and selected.


They walk to Auschwitz (3km) or Birkenau (1km).

They will never come back.

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

We stand at Roissy Airport.


A plane has been specially chartered for us.


We are tother with the families and friends

with whom we have decided to do this trip.

A large number are with their children.

Our flight lasts 2 hours.

We are comfortably seated and are offered breakfast.

In Cracow, a coach takes us to the camp area.

We are driven to Birkenau and Auschwitz.

We’ll be back home this evening.

Shoah - Kenji Kawai
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We leave Auschwitz.

Here, everything has been thought, programed, optimized

so that every moment of the lives of the detainees would be suffering.


This death machine has murdered innocent people

who were a danger neither to politics nor to the military.


Those barbarous acts have been committed by good husbands, good fathers.

This couldn’t have taken place without the indifference or the agreement

or even the help of other nations.


We are overwhelmed, crushed, revolted.


Although we had read so many books, watched so many pictures…

But today we have fully understood…

The unspeakable has now a name


One day, somebody will get out of the camp alive and will tell what took place there !

a prisoner said

Yes, we know that, but who will believe it ?

a SS said


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